Sunday School 10am

Cornerstone: This class is composed of seniors. The teaching is on the different books of the Bible. Teaching, fellowship, & outreach are the focus of the class. Cornerstone is taught by a rotation of teachers & meets in Room 403. 

Courage: This class is for singles of all ages that want to grow in their faith and in turn courageously serve others. Men & women, single or single again, or those that have lost a spouse are welcome to join. This class is taught by Susan Kunsman & meets in Room 303. 

Journey: Emphasis is on growing closer to God & each other through Bible Study, prayer, ministry, & fellowship. Journey, primarily geared toward people in their 50’s & older, “journeys” through the Bible one book at a time, alternating between the Old & New Testament. Journey is taught by David Gosnell & meets in Room 302. 

Joy: This class has rotating teachers who provide distinctly different views on subjects and facilitate group participation on the application of God’s Word. The class, made mostly of seniors, encourages body ministry and fellowship in a Bible-based environment. This class meets in Room 105. 

Living Christian: This is one of NDBC's newest classes & is open to new & established Christians of all ages. Teachings cover real-world topics as they relate to living as a Christian in today’s world. Living Christian is taught by Buck Woody & meets in Room 304. 

Young Adult Life Group: This class meets on Solomon's Porch & is facilitated by Pastor Kyle. It is aimed specifically to young adults who are between the ages of 25-35. Whether you are married, single, in college, or a career, you are always welcome to attend this energetic group of young adults. 

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