Groups & Classes

For more information on joining a Group or Sunday School Class contact David Gosnell at

  • cornerstone

    This class is composed of seniors.  Teaching & fellowship are the focuses of this class.  Cornerstone is taught by Doug Kirk & meets Sunday mornings at 10am in Room 403.

  • courage

    This class is for singles of all ages that want to grow in their faith and in turn courageously serve others. Men & women, single or single again, or those that have lost a spouse are welcome to join.  This class is taught by Susan Kunsman & meets Sunday mornings at 10am in Room 303.

  • journey

    Emphasis is on growing closer to God & each other through Bible Study, prayer, ministry, fellowship, & outreach.  Journey “journeys” through the Bible using Lifeway quarterlies.  The class is made up of all ages & is taught by David Gosnell.  Class meets Sunday mornings at 10am in Room 302.

  • joy

    This class has rotating teachers that facilitate group participation, using Lifeway Quarterlies as the weekly starting point.  The class made of seniors, encourages body ministry, fellowship & outreach in a Bible-based environment.  This class meets Sunday mornings at 10am in Room 105.

  • One degree

    Made up of all ages, we are a group that aims for consistency over perception through encouragement and care for one another as we are being transformed into the image of Christ from "one degree of glory to another" (2 Corinthians 3:18). We meet Sunday mornings at 10am in Room 303.

  • Managing our finances god's way

    Dale Thompson will lead "Managing Our Finances God's Way" at 6 pm in the Fellowship Hall. This study will help you understand God's perspective as he leads you to financial health.

  • Fearlessly fit

    Tuesday night at 6:30, in the Fellowship Hall, Jeanne Ball will lead "Fearlessly Fit", a Bible study about health and fitness. The first thirty minutes is an optional session of light exercise, and the Bible study starts at 7 pm. This group will help you learn God's perspective on physical health.

  • "The ChoseN" study

    Sundays at 4:30pm in the Fellowship Hall, Anne Little leads a discussion through "The Chosen". Learning more about the Bible, Jesus, and his chosen disciples in a TV show that already has 4 seasons (32 episodes), we’ll have notes, scriptures, and thought provoking questions.